This custom commercial interior sign was designed and installed by Collab.  The design is based on the Cagle Law Firm’s logo and is made of anodized aluminum and stainless steel.

Zane Cagle’s firm had just moved into a new office suite on the 16th floor on Broadway in Downtown St. Louis and he wanted a truly custom sign that not only looked like his firm’s logo but also communicated the security of a safe.  We worked with local fabricators to laser cut, mill, brush, polish and anodize the aluminum parts for the sign.

Every design requires some amount of problem solving. The big design issue was how to mount the large “C” to the wall securely while maintaining a clean appearance.  The solution was to make the exposed fasteners that are a part of the logo design as a functional part of the design.  Wood blocking was toggle bolted to the drywall partition, and then large stainless steel wood screws fasten the aluminum “C” to the blocking.  The biggest, heaviest part of the sign was installed in minutes, and is easy to remove for maintenance or future relocation.

This project played to our core strengths: listening to and understanding our clients needs, developing a design for physical implementation that incorporated our technical knowledge of fabrication, knowing the best partners to work with to achieve the desired craft and precision.