Patio Views from the interior

Renderings by Jeffry Lee

We broke ground last week and poured some concrete footings for the Vortriede’s patio improvements.  After evaluating several concepts and developing a design, the project is moving at a rapid clip. Metalwork is scheduled for delivery next week and carpentry elements are in progress being prefabricated in our shop.

David and Jenny are some of our favorite clients who we have had the privilege of working with multiple times.  Past collaborations include the Solar Relief and Open Shelf projects.  The clients brought several strong ideas about how to re-imagine an existing patio and transform it into an outdoor room that provides a greater degree of privacy.

The design introduces two new platforms that double as seating and steps to transition from the main level of the house to the concrete patio.  A screen wall provides additional privacy while creating a sense of enclosure by defining the patio as a discrete space.  During the design phase, we explored several approaches to the structural language of the screen wall and the platforms.  This allowed for David and Jenny to see visualizations of several options and evaluate the merits of each approach and provide feedback determining the final design.

Design Option 2

The platforms are a combination of custom fabricated steel and cedar 2 x 4’s.  The design conceives of each platform as a piece of furniture that is placed on the site.  The screen wall is framed from cedar 2 x 4’s as well and faced with 5/4 x 6 cedar boards that are gap spaced on both sides.  The composition is punctuated by integrated planters that pop out and cut-thru’s that allow for additional light for plants living in the screen wall.

Exterior Rendering

Rendering by Jeffrey Lee

These improvements will transform the patio by increasing the privacy and sense of enclosure of the space while increasing it’s seating capacity.  Just in time for the good fall weather too!

Take a peek behind Collab’s curtain to see photos of work in progress on our Facebook page.