Address Placard

The Collab was contacted to create a new address placard for the Pat Connolly Tavern.  The bar has been a dogtown institution in St. Louis since it opened in 1942, and is once again under the ownership of the Connolly family.

The family was looking for a sign that would be made locally.  Our designers worked with the Connolly’s to develop a design for a sign that would be simple, attractive, durable and economical.  After reviewing several examples of address placards a design was submitted, approved, and produced.

A piece of 10 gauge aluminum plate was plasma cut and painted.  A piece of reclaimed douglas fir was sealed in a spar urethane.  The selected materials not only compliment the architecture of the historic brick building, but are durable and weather resistant. The san-serif font creates an effect of understated sophistication.


  • Design
  • Fabrication